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AirFlow: Sky Is The Limit

Welcome to AirFlow, where the vast expanse of the sky becomes your battleground! Prepare to embark on adrenaline-fueled adventures in epic aerial combat like never before. In AirFlow, you'll pilot powerful airplanes in intense sky battles, mastering the art of dodging enemy fire while strategically outmaneuvering foes to claim dominance over the skies. Are you ready to take control and rule the heavens? Join the fray and soar to new heights in AirFlow!

AirFlow: Sky Is The Limit is lifting off
By Antypodish | |
AirFlow: Sky Is The Limit is the first game title, which is created by AntyVersum. It is inspired by Wings of Fury from 1987, but with different settings. Game is about piloting an aircraft in third person and with the goal, to capture enemy islands, while battling enemies in the sky, on the land and in the water.
Kliknij na zdjęciu poniżej i poruszaj myszką, by obrócić panoramę.
Przytrzymaj i poruszaj palcem na zdjęciu poniżej, by obrócić panoramę.


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AirFlow: Sky Is The limit - Concept work
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