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AirFlow: Sky Is The Limit is lifting off
AirFlow: Sky Is The Limit is the first game title, which is developed by AntyVersum studio. It is inspired by Wings of Fury game from 1987, but with different settings. Game is about piloting an aircraft in third person, with semi casual game style and with the goal to capture enemy islands, while battling enemies in the sky, on the land and the water.
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The inspiration of 1987 game become much stronger in recent years. But challenge was, to find a way to keep it fun, while make it modern yet stylised and in 3D. Copying exact mechanics wasn't really an option. It had to be something more. Something that could keep hooked players, but also to keep gameplay challenging. Yet something in the line of Wings of Fury classic. 

A bit of insight vision into AirFlow game

In AirFlow, you as a pilot are required. to choose right aircraft and its equipment, with payload for each flight mission. With that in mind, when getting into the air, you need to ensure, you can get back safely to nearest landing zone, to repair, refuel and rearm. But also to assign any required wingman to you assist if required. Your life as a pilot is crucial one. Loosing valuable aircrafts may lead to consequences. Each missions will get you closer to conquer the islands and eventually wiping out enemies from the map. While this version of game is aimed to be single player, AI enemy may not make an easy on the tasks. And it may take you on revenge, when left any islands unattended. As a AS pilot, hand holding and baby sitting may not be welcome. There will be a lot on your shoulders, or rather say wings, to carry on.

As game progresses and capture territory expands, so that is your air force. Meaning, more wingmans and squadrons will be possible to assist you on difficult missions. Opponent may prepare for you some surprise from time to time, by sending squadron of heavy bombers. Or perhaps by other means to hinder your expansion. Your responsibility will be to take it serious and to prevent destructive force to invade your air, land and water space. In other case, you may need to help your friendly bombers squads, to reach the targets and to prevent enemies interrupting in the expansive missions.

In very early stage of the development, before even writing a proper code, first rough prototype concept was irone out. First rough prototype can be seen in the linked video. The purpose was to visualise the direction of the development, as well as test on principle mechanics, while using Unity DOTS.

Time shall see, if the vision turns into a gem, or will crash land in to the ocean.

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