Making games with passion
AirFlow: Sky Is The Limit is lifting off
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AirFlow: Sky Is The Limit is the first game title, which is created by AntyVersum. It is inspired by Wings of Fury from 1987, but with different settings. Game is about piloting an aircraft in third person and with the goal, to capture enemy islands, while battling enemies in the sky, on the land and in the water.
AntyVersum On The Rise
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AntyVersum would love to announce with this first blog entry to you fellow readers and gamers, that establishing brand new game development studio, which wanting to be Making games with passion.
AntyVersum philosophy
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Lets discuss about AntyVersum philosophy of future games creation. This is about what would love and what would hate to be part of this game universum creation. Setting up philosophy will be significant and critical aspect of the creative process, as well as will effect economical aspect of game dev. So could say AntyVersum game studio approaches game dev entry, with an brave mind. But believing, this is way will cater for large audience of gamers and fans, with a bit of nostalgic note of the past. That hopefully will be specially well received for gamers, that have seen decades of game industry evolution.
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