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AntyVersum philosophy
Lets discuss about AntyVersum philosophy of future games creation. This is about what would love and what would hate to be part of this game universum creation. Setting up philosophy will be significant and critical aspect of the creative process, as well as will effect economical aspect of game dev. So could say AntyVersum game studio approaches game dev entry, with an brave mind. But believing, this is way will cater for large audience of gamers and fans, with a bit of nostalgic note of the past. That hopefully will be specially well received for gamers, that have seen decades of game industry evolution.
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A bit of background in game evolution.

In early years when digital games become a thing, the game were made completely different than these days, as this post is written. Technological possibility firstly allowed for distribution of games via floppy disks, cartridges, then CDs and DVDs, as well as some dedicated devices. This was forcing naturally, that created games would have to be playable from day one, as pushing updates was something infeasible. At least until era of internet. There wasn't option for aggressive micro transaction, or predatory approach of DLCs. But game had to be good enough already. Any game expansions were distributed later by media means like CDs and DVDs. Meaning these were usually quite extensive and had to be well tested, before distribution.

Saying that, before 2000, game production and distribution was much more expensive, than after emerging of mass internet. Once internet become thing worldwide, new means of game distribution and updates were emerging. While early still was able to buy games on CDs / DVDs, there was clear shift to online distribution. This of course made distribution cheaper. SteamWorks by Valve is an excellent example of the distribution evolution, which spined out from HalveLife and Counter Strike success. At similar time World of Warcraft was growing and introduced subscription business plan, to keep game server up and running. Activision Blizzard also had previous success with Starcraft on that front. So wasn't something new. But this was beginning of great shift.

Game creation was more affordable for devs, more accessible for players and everything was generally happy. Then mobile market start booming, finding easy opportunities for game devs to enter and profit. Entry bar was become lower and lower. In exchange, flood trend start for games. Specially mobiles games. Mobile games and their devs had to drive prices down. Until become literally 0. But had to make this profitable for devs of course. So at the same time, means to make cash, was to introduce ads and various micro transactions. To the point, some of these become predatory. Facebook was utilizing very well these technics and known psychology based on that to maximse profit on micro transactions.

PC games were more reluctant on micro transactions introduction for a time, but keep introducing more DLCs. Over years evolution of DLCs become such microed, that could by even cosmetics, rather new mechanics. Which is fine, if someone want to support devs, or just love such new game experience. And then at these same time PC game more and more, also had been inflicted by microtransactions. To the point of ill and predatory practices.

What that means for AntyVersum philosophy

Philosophy of AntyVersum is no doubt strongly influenced by decades of experience and by being interested in games evolution by the founder of AntyVersum, Antypodish. This has rose kinda loves and hates in the way, game industry has evolved.

While AntyVersum philosophy is not against DLCs and microtransaction concept, the current execution of these methods of monetisation in game market, breaks the heart, seeing game industry evolution past decades. Hence with these in mind, AntyVersum wants to only Create Games With Passion, but with none predatory techniques. And wanting to keep to that promise, as long it is feasible for AntyVersum to exists. And strongly believing it is possible, since game market has have proved so, in games like Minecraft and Factorio as an small example. These didn't need any of mentioned ill techniques, to exists. But built their popularity on reliability, love and the passion to what they have been doing. This is very inspirational, yet not necessary easy to replicate. At least surely something worth to get inspired by.

So to reiterate on to above, AntyVersum philosophy is to not follow aggressive and ill predatory DLCs and microtransaction business plans into future game production. But at the same time, wanting to keep open possibility of various business plans, if that what will be required. However AntyVersum will be aiming for more classical business plan when applicable.

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